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Bizarre football throw results in prison "penalty"

JACKSON, Mich. -- A Michigan man apologized in court Wednesday for trying to throw a football loaded with drugs and cellphones into a state prison yard. Surely, there must be a penalty for that.

Christen Moore CBS affiliate WLNS

Christen Moore called the June attempt "a thoughtless and immature decision."

The Jackson Citizen Patriot reports the 22-year-old's comments came during his sentencing hearing, where he got 17 months to five years on two counts of furnishing contraband to a prisoner.

Jackson County Circuit Judge Susan Beebe says Moore, who was on probation at the time for home invasion, knows "all about the type of havoc this type of contraband can have on the prison system."

Investigators say the toss at the G. Robert Cotton Correctional Facility fell short, with the football landing between two fences. Police say the ball contained marijuana, a substance that may have been heroin, and three cellphones.

Like the NFL doesn't have enough problems already?

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