"Bite of the Great White!" turns Shark Week media into a musical tribute

(CBS News) We've featured the work of John D. Boswell (aka melodysheep) many times here on The Feed, most recently for his beautiful mixed media musical tribute to the much-loved and admired Julia Child, and so are happy to show you all his latest and very well-timed work that gives homage to the week we all look forward to every summer: Shark Week! Take a look and listen.

This latest work by Boswell is entitled "Bite of the Great White!" and manages to capture the fascination and fear we have for one of the greatest creatures to swim in the sea, the great white shark. Another excellent piece of media turned music by John D. Boswell that has earned a triple-rainbow salute form us here at The Feed and has us all excited to keep watching what will happen next as Shark Week continues! To check out more amazing work by John D. Boswell, you can visit his YouTube page by clicking here.