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Bipartisan Blood Drive Has Ohio U. Donors Seeing Red Or Blue

This story was written by Olga Kharitonova, The Post

Students are invited to literally bleed for their choice of political candidate at the Red Cross Pints For Your Party blood drive an event that takes partisan dedication to a new level this Election Day.

Our goal was to see who comes out a better Samaritan the Democrats or the Republicans, said Elise Bowman, a Red Cross intern and Ohio University senior studying communication.

The event will be held from noon until 6 p.m. today in Baker University Center rooms 241 and 242. Anna Schottenstein, president of the OU Red Cross group that organized the bipartisan blood drive, said the winning party will be declared by 6 p.m., after her group tallies each donors side from the sign-up sheets.

Although no political agenda backs this venture, Bowman said she hopes the theme will play on the heartstrings of politically minded students and community members in order to promote an equally worthy cause.

Were not supporting anything other than donating blood and supporting voting in general, Schottenstein said.

Schottenstein, a sophomore studying history education, said she hatched the idea together with Lorie Gaitten of the Athens Red Cross chapter.

We havent done very many themed blood drives, she said, and thats something were trying to get into this year because its another incentive for students to donate.

Bowman said the goal is to attract at least 50 donors. Giving a pint per person, 50 donors could save up to 150 people in need of blood, she said.

Despite the theme, blood donors do not need to be registered voters, Bowman said. Voters also do not have to reveal whom they voted for, and they can put down an independent candidate during sign-in as well.

Donated blood will not be politically divided among recipients.

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