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Billboard questions Trump’s claims about Jackie Evancho’s record sales

Inauguration parade dustup

President-elect Donald Trump boasted on Twitter Wednesday that 16-year-old singer Jackie Evancho’s album sales had “skyrocketed” following her being tapped to sing the national anthem at his upcoming inauguration. 

But while Evancho’s sales have certainly increased, it’s difficult to determine if the inauguration gig was actually responsible for a noticeable bump in business. 

TMZ initially reported that Evancho’s weekly sales had “quadrupled” following the announcement and that her album “Someday at Christmas” had to be “restocked twice,” though the article failed to mention where this restocking took place. The article did correctly point out that “Someday at Christmas” went to No. 1 on Billboard’s Classical charts, though. 

After the story was picked up by other outlets, Billboard decided to explore the claims. 

The inauguration announcement was made on Dec. 14, and for the week ending Dec. 15 “Someday at Christmas” sold 6,000 copies after being on sale for six weeks. The following week, ending Dec. 22, it sold 11,000, but in the following week sales dropped to 8,000. 

While the sales bump is significant, Billboard points to other factors for the success: Evancho performed on the “America’s Got Talent” holiday special on Dec. 19, and Christmas-themed albums tend to sell better the week before Christmas.

It’s also worth noting that while all five of Evancho’s previous studio albums had been top-40 charting releases, none of them have returned to the Billboard 200 since the announcement. 

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