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Bill Upstages Hillary, Alleges "Gender Bias"


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

LOUISVILLE, KY. – While campaigning with his wife here today, Bill Clinton said that Hillary has been the victim of sexism. "I don't think there's any question, there's been moments in this campaign, when this sort of gender bias and presuppositions have come out," the former president said.

The Clintons were campaigning together on primary day here in Kentucky, but it was President Clinton who did most of the talking. The candidate brushed off questions from a few reporters and it became clear that her husband was more than happy to speak to the press.

It is nearly impossible for the two to be in the same room and not create a bit of chaos with visitors clawing at the two of them in hopes of obtaining an autograph or a snapshot for their photo albums, while the press scurries around trying to capture images of them both, all the while having double the Secret Service trying to secure the area. But aside from the logistical chaos, there is the ongoing problem of President Clinton's inability to stay in the shadows and allow his wife to be in the limelight.

Immediately upon entering Lynn's Paradise Café (aptly named as giant bouquets of fake, multi-colored flowers lined the outside along with brightly colored stone salamander statues) the Clintons headed in different directions, causing panic to the traveling press who were pre-positioned neatly behind the diner's counter and making impossible to cover the two.

The moment reminds me of an early campaign event at a Labor Day fair in Hopkinton, New Hampshire, where both Bill and Hillary toured the grounds making various stops along the way. He spoke for nearly 10 minutes to the press while his wife lingered awkwardly in the distance looking for people to shake hands with. It was a moment in the campaign where it became clear that the two of them would compete for attention if they made it a habit to campaign together. It was no surprise that shortly thereafter, we rarely saw the two together at campaign events, except for election night celebrations.

Today's diner visit may have put the nail in the coffin on any more joint Clinton campaign stops.