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Bill Daley to Give First Interview as Chief of Staff on CBS' "Face the Nation"

On Jan. 6, President Obama named William M. Daley, a senior executive with JPMorgan Chase and a former commerce secretary in the Clinton administration, as his new chief of staff. Daley, brother of outgoing Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley, is expected to bring an outside voice - and strong business ties - to the White House. Mr. Obama said he selected Daley partially because "he possesses a deep understanding of how jobs are created and how to grow our economy." AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Bill Daley, President Obama's new chief of staff, will sit down with CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer for Sunday's "Face the Nation," in his first television interview since joining the White House staff.

Mr. Obama announced earlier this month that Daley would join his administration, in what many interpreted as a sign that the White House intends to take a more pragmatic, business-friendly approach to governing over the next two years. Daley was previously a JPMorgan Chase & Co. executive and served as commerce secretary under President Clinton. Mr. Obama praised him for having a "deep understanding of how jobs are created."

Upon accepting the job, Daley said it was an honor to serve as chief of staff and told Mr. Obama, "you... have proven your strength, your leadership, your vision during a most difficult time for the nation."

Chief of staff is one of the most demanding jobs in the White House; Daley will influence everything from how Mr. Obama spends his time to how he pursues his domestic and foreign policies.

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