Police in California search for bikers after violent highway attack captured on video

Bikers ambush driver on freeway

Police in California are searching for bikers who are suspects in a violent highway attack that was captured on video. A newly-released recording shows a pack of riders on dirt bikes and ATVs surrounding a car Wednesday until it stops. Then they appear to beat the driver on a busy Bay Area freeway during rush hour.

An amateur video, captured by another driver on Highway 101, one of the area’s largest freeways -- shows a group of bikers pulling stunts and driving recklessly down a four-lane stretch of highway, reports CBS News correspondent Jamie Yuccas.  

But the bikers’ stunts quickly turned into aggression. 

The video shows the group of riders boxing in a white Toyota Camry, eventually bringing the car to a stop in the middle of the freeway.

“They exchanged some words with this driver, they started striking this driver’s vehicle with both their motorcycles and their fists, the driver...got out to confront the motorcyclists, got into a fight and then he was beat up,” California Highway Patrol’s Vu Williams said.

Our CBS San Francisco station said the driver of the white sedan was in his thirties and works for a ride-sharing company. Police said the man suffered non-life threatening injuries and was taken to an area hospital.

“Their usual M.O. is to be out there riding on these dirt bikes, never any plates on the motorcycles, so it’s very tough to identify who they are,” Williams said.

The Bay Area incident is a reminder of how dangerous these altercations can become. In September 2013, video captured a similar case of road rage in New York City after a group of bikers stopped an SUV and eventually dragged the man out of his car and beat him.

“We’ve had problems with motorcyclists, both street bikes and dirt bikes on the freeway… we’ve had incidents where these things have happened, but never involved in an actual fight with a motorist where anybody was injured,” Williams said.

The California Highway Patrol says it isn’t clear what started Wednesday’s altercation between the driver and the group of bikers. But they are urging anyone with any information that would help in the investigation to contact their department.