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Bike Riding In The Big City

This column was written by The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
May is National Bike Month. This week is National Bike Week, and Friday is Take Your Bike To Work Day.

I've been riding my bike to work a lot this year, mostly for environmental reasons. But there are other bonuses — like breezing through the park in the dark of the early morning. There's the tiniest bit of light on the eastern horizon, and birds are putting on a concert in the still quiet city. It's a great way to start the day.

The challenge comes later. I had an appointment across town yesterday, and simply cycling through midday traffic was a little scary. I hate riding with the traffic flow because I don't trust the drivers behind me.

But riding against the flow on a one-way street is its own adventure. You can see the faces of the people in the cars and trucks. Some smile — but many do not.

The eye contact is crucial, though: It's harder for a person to run over you if they're looking you in the eye.

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By Harry Smith