Big Brother: All-Stars

We start off this episode with Howie's eviction and a stormy exit by him, confronting Boogie and almost getting into a fight. Howie feels betrayed and rightfully so.

Boogie then went on to Win HOH for this week. Because he won HOH, the coup de etat he won has now expired since it was only good for three eviction ceremonies, this being the third, and he obviously doesn't need it since he is HOH this week.

Janelle is walking around the house sobbing about how bad she feels for Howie, and everyone — well, all of the guys — are comforting her. She then tells us in her diary confessionals that it's all a rouse and she wants people to think she is weak and has no fight left even though she does. So smart. I love her!

Will and Boogie conspire to get James out of the house because they feel he is the least loyal. James doesn't have a clue about this and Janelle, for some reason, hasn't figured it out that James is working for the dark side.

I hate to say it, but Will and Boogie seem to be running this show. Who would have thought? But they may be the evil geniuses they say they are! Boogie puts up Janelle and James, and Will and Boogie hope to help Janelle win the VETO so they can get rid of James. If that doesn't happen, they are fine with getting rid of Janelle — but I'm not!!!!

Janelle and Chicken George make a secret alliance. I am not sure if this is truthful on either side. Chicken George seems to be telling everyone what they want to hear. But on the other side, Janelle has found an ally when the rest of the house is against her, so it can't hurt.

It's VETO time. Playing VETO is James, Janelle, Boogie, Will, Erika and Danielle. Boogie and Will tell Janelle again that they are going to help her win, so they can get rid of James. If James or Janelle go, it really doesn't matter to Chilltown (that's Boogie and Will) anyways because all they care about is keeping each other in the game. So as long as it's not one of them, why would they care!

VETO competition is a creepy graveyard sacrificial challenge involving voodoo dolls. It's similar to duck duck goose or musical chairs. They were asked questions about former houseguests and then had to look around for the voodoo doll that had the letter that corresponded with the houseguest's name.

Will instantly gives up and tries to throw the competition. Shocker! Boogie actually gives up his doll secretly to Janelle. Maybe they do want to work with Janelle. Danielle doesn't get her doll in time and is the first one out followed by Will, Boogie, James and Erika. Janelle wins VETO. You go girl!!!! She is unstoppable. James continues to cry about Janelle ripping the doll out of his hand. He actually compares it to assault. I compare it to him being a cry baby or sore loser.

Meanwhile, Boogie and Will celebrate secretly upstairs about Janelle winning VETO, and play depressed to the other houseguests that Janelle won VETO. I hate to say it, but I LOVE these two. They really are winning the game. The question is now IF they get to the final two, will the jury give them the vote to win despite their backstabbing because they played a better game, or will they hold a grudge and give it to the other person (like "Survivor: All-Stars"). I would love to see Will & Boogie in the final two at this point just to see how angry the jury would be at them.

Janelle obviously VETO's herself and Boogie replaces her with Chicken George. Who will go home, Chicken George or James? I am hoping James.