Big aftershock rattles nerves in Napa Valley

NAPA VALLEY - A magnitude 3.2 aftershock shook Napa, California, on Sunday. There have been more than 90 aftershocks since a magnitude 6 earthquake hit one week ago.

Wine country survived, and now winemakers want tourists to pour back in.

Yusuf Topal's restaurant is in the heart of Napa Valley's wine country. Over Labor Day weekend, he would normally have over 100 reservations.

"When I look at reservations for next few days, I see 20 to 30 people. So we lost 75 percent of our customers," Topal said.

Buildings continue to get red-tagged -- meaning they're unsafe for occupancy -- and one of those is Velo's Pizzeria. So co-owner Daniel Sarao moved his wood-fired oven to the street.

"We're gonna do pizza by the slice, pepperoni and cheese," Sarao said.

Food may fill the soul, but wine is the lifeblood here and despite suffering $50 million in losses, almost all - 95 percent - of Napa's wineries have reopened.

They're hoping for more tourists like Calvin Evans, visiting from North Carolina.

"It's incredible. You know, being from an area that's hit by hurricanes fairly often, we've seen damage before, but this is a little different," Evans said.

Chaelene Saiz runs a local salon where she hopes the constant reminders of the quake won't turn people away.

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"It's like, I'm sorry our town is a mess right now, but still come here and enjoy the wine and food," Saiz said.

One distressing sign that remains are the dozens of pets who took off when the ground started shaking.

"It's been a rough few days," said Kelly Tracey, who runs the Napa County animal shelter.

"Cats are generally more the type to go somewhere and hunker down and hide and be somewhere safe and secure in a small, dark little space. Dogs, I have a funny feeling, just want to keep running and running and running until they don't feel the ground trembling anymore."

Social media has played a big part in reunions, helping calm both owners and pets, both still trying to overcome rattled nerves.