Biden: Crying baby "knows what's in store" if Romney wins

Taking advantage of an opportune moment on the campaign trail, Vice President Joe Biden on Saturday pointed out a crying baby in the crowd of his St. Augustine, Fla., rally to jokingly illustrate his point on rising college costs.

Just as Biden was launching into an attack on how Republicans "decimate education," wails from a baby could be heard to the right of the vice president's podium. Plans by Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, Biden was saying, "eliminate help for middle class families who want to send their kids their kids to college - like that beautiful baby over there!"

"I don't blame her from crying!" Biden said to laughs and cheers from the crowd of about 900. "I don't blame that baby for crying! That baby - that baby... knows what's in store for him or her if Romney wins! I'm glad someone understands my speech."

Biden also continued the gag line President Obama introduced Friday that the GOP nominee suffers from "Romnesia," a punch at Romney's shifted policy positions. "It's contagious," Biden said Saturday, criticizing his rival Ryan for his changing terminology regarding the Republican House budget - "Congressman Ryan caught it as well."

Responding to Biden's theme that the GOP wants to "decimate" education, among other things, Romney spokesman Ryan Williams said in a statement: "Today Vice President Biden noted that the middle class has been 'decimated,' just weeks after he admitted they've been 'buried' in the Obama economy. The vice president is right. With falling incomes, rising costs, and high unemployment, middle-class Americans can't afford four more years like the last four."

Rodney Hawkins contributed to this report.