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Ben Affleck: I was not trying to go for Justin Bieber hair in "Argo"

Ben Affleck had to grow his hair out for his latest film "Argo," a political thriller set in the '70s, and despite what tabloids said, the actor admits he was not trying to channel Justin Bieber.

"About halfway through growing it ou,t the tabloids said that I was trying to be Justin Bieber, " Affleck told "CBS This Morning" co-hosts Charlie Rose, Gayle King and Norah O'Donnell on Tuesday, after King joked that his hair in the film had a Bee Gees vibe.

"I am a big fan of Justin Bieber's, but I was not trying to emulate his haircut," he explained. "It was a bad mid-point there. I feel like I got it down. I felt like I was more of a Kurt Russell in 'Escape From New York' vibe."

The Oscar-winning actor directs and stars in "Argo," which tells the true story behind the rescue of six U.S. diplomats from Tehran, Iran, during the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

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