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Before Health Care Summit, GOP Wants Its Table

In shades of the Paris peace talks intended to end the war in Vietnam, congressional Republicans argued about the shape of the table for Thursday's health-care summit with President Obama, reports CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes.

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GOP leaders want to avoid giving Mr. Obama the upper hand, Cordes told CBS "Evening News" Anchor Katie Couric. First they said they didn't want the president at a podium where he might lecture them like when he took questions from House Republicans last month.

While the White House wanted the table to have the president at the center (see left), the Republicans said the table should look make everyone a bit more equal (see above). That's the table the White House approved.

As for the reason for the summit, Mr. Obama's proposed health care overhaul, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said there wasn't much of a chance for compromise, given the fact that the president was unlikely to heed his demands of scrapping the entire Democratic bill and start over.

"Unless they're willing to do that, I think it's nearly impossible to imagine a scenario under which we could reach an agreement," McConnell said.

No one is expecting the president will reach a major compromise with Republicans, Cordes reports. He wants to convince wavering, moderate Democrats that his plan is better than anything the Republicans have proposed.

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