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Bebe discloses data breach

BRISBANE, Calif. - Bebe Stores Inc. (BEBE) said Friday that it recently detected suspicious activity on computers that run the payment processing system used for its stores, making it the latest company to disclose a data breach.

The women's clothing and accessories company said it hired a computer security firm to block the attack and prevent it from continuing.

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The disclosure means Bebe has joined a growing group of companies hit by data breaches. They include Home Depot Inc., Target Inc., Michaels, SuperValu Inc., Neiman Marcus and others. Bebe currently runs 175 retail stores, including its online store, and 35 outlet stores.

The company said that its investigation to date suggests the attack was on data from payment cards swiped in its U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands stores between Nov. 8 and Nov. 26. The data may have included cardholder name, account number, expiration date, and verification code.

Purchases made through Bebe's website, mobile site/app, in Canada or in its international stores were not affected, the company said.

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The retailer advised customers that used a payment card at a U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands store during the time frame to review their account statements for any unauthorized activity. If they see any unauthorized charges, they should contact the bank that issued the card.

In addition, Bebe said that it is offering free credit monitoring services to customers who made a purchase using a payment card at a U.S., Puerto Rico or U.S. Virgin Islands store during the specified time frame.

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