Beat the heat with polar bear cubs playing in the snow

(CBS News) On the one hand, it's late in the day on Friday and the weekend has almost arrived. On the other hand, it's pretty hot outside just about anywhere you might be right now. So let's all try to beat the heat with video of some cute polar bear cubs playing in the snow.

The adorable clip was posted by YouTube user tommangelsen who writes about the caught-on-tape moment:

In March of 2010, nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen traveled to Hudson Bay in northern Manitoba to photograph polar bears and their young emerging from their winter dens. Watch as these tiny, months-old cubs play and wrestle while their mother keeps a close eye on them from the den.

Simply too cute! Especially with what appears to be the mother polar bear watching her two cubs playing around nearby.  And I can almost feel the cool air on my face while watching the video. Almost.  To check out more work by nature photographer Thomas D. Mangelsen, you can visit his website by clicking here.