BBQ Boston Style

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The creative Asian-influenced dishes Pino Maffeo prepares at his Boston eatery, Restaurant L, have led the chef to be called "part chef, part amateur scientist."

On The Saturday Early Show, Maffeo brings his inventive style to our Chef on a Shoestring challenge, preparing a Memorial Day barbeque for four on a $40 budget.

The following is his menu: Poached & Fried Asparagus Salad and Barbequed Pork Ribs with Green Chili Sauce, followed by Grilled Summer Fruits with Vanilla Lime Suntan Lotion.

Food Facts
Panko: These Japanese breadcrumbs are used to coat fried foods. They are coarser than breadcrumbs typically used in the United States, and help create a very crunchy crust.

Baby Back Ribs: These ribs are smaller than spareribs, so they cook faster. They are tender and have less fat.

Lemon Grass: One of the most important flavorings in Thai and Vietnamese cooking, this herb has long, thin gray-green leaves and a woody, scallionlike base.

Oyster Sauce: This sauce is used to prepare a large variety of Asian dishes. Oysters, brine and soy sauce are cooked until thick and concentrated. The sauce lends richness to dishes without overpowering other flavors.

Fish Sauce: Primarily used in Southeast Asian dishes, this sauce is quite pungent and salty. The base for the sauce is liquid from salted, fermented fish. Flavors such as chiles or sugars are sometimes added.

The following are his recipes: