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"Battleship" trailer is out and it looks terrible

(CBS) The "Battleship" trailer is out! Huzzah! Finally, another movie based on a beloved childhood memory that will now be tarnished by big, mindless, stupid actions scenes.

Make up your own mind when you watch the trailer, but here's one perspective: The movie looks terrible.

Sure, it has giant aliens - because you remember that from Battleship! - that can shift around like the Autobots and Decepticons, an international Navy, Liam Neeson in action mode (angry, smoldering) and Brooklyn Decker trying to act. But based on this trailer, the film will be incoherent, with different types of hackneyed stories stitched together into one loud, dull, PG-13 mess.

Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch also star in the film but the real stars here are clearly the special effects. Just look at that guy get knocked off the alien thing and into the water.

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