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Battle Royale: Batman and Superman Take on NYPD

(Ryan McCormick)
New York City Police take down Maksim Katsnelson dressed as Superman in a photo by eyewitness Ryan McCormick.

NEW YORK (CBS) It was the fight of the century. Batman and Superman versus New York's finest in all out brawl at Time Square!

And the real-life battle ended in handcuffs and blood, according to a photo-snapping eyewitness, who spoke to Crimesider in a telephone interview.

The masked crusader melee began last Thursday, when two New York City police officers approached two men dressed as superheroes performing near a Planet Hollywood at 45th Street & Broadway in Times Square.

Police asked Maksim Katsnelson, aka the Man of Steel, and Frank Frisoli, aka the Dark Knight, to see if they had a proper permit to perform publicly, according to the New York Post.

But when officers started asking too many questions, Superman, who decided not to fly, made a run for it.

Several officers chased Superman through Times Square, according to Ryan McCormick, a camera-armed public relations agent returning to his office from a client meeting nearby.

He said Superman wasn't going down without a fight. The caped crusader started throwing punches, hitting a female officer in the face, according to the New York Post.

Batman went quietly, allowing police to handcuff him and cooperating with officers. He was later released, according to the Post. It is not clear if he was charged.

Superman was slapped with charges of assault and resisting arrest, according to the paper.

"If Christian Bale could see this now..." McCormick said referring to the actor who plays Batman in two recent films.

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