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Bats Take Two, Twitter-Mania, Crime-dot-net

Our story about bats dying in the northeast got bumped last weekend after the NCAA basketball game went a little long. That said, it's expected to air this Sunday night on the CBS Evening News with Russ Mitchell. I hope you'll be watching. (Sidenote: here's a link to a recent article that outlines a potential plan to save them.)

In other news, I'm actually reporting tonight for the CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor about a troubling aspect of the housing crisis -- people falling through the cracks of the new Obama plan when it comes to loan modifications. On Friday I joined the entire Early Show team to discuss Twitter and how Congress has become an early adopter. (Another sidenote: internally we discussed whether someone who uses Twitter is a "Twitterer" or a "Tweeter" and here's the e-mail response to me from Biz Stone, co-founder of Twitter:

"It's Twitterer not Tweeter if you're talking about a person who uses Twitter but folks do use the word "tweet" to refer to an individual Twitter message."

(Of course many of you may already know that, but I've read some lingering debate online.)

Anyway, next week I'm working on a story for the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric about how police are increasingly using social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook to gather evidence. In at least one case, it even resulted in sentencing a gang member to death row, and in another case a mother used MySpace to track down the boys who beat up her son. Compelling stuff. And more details on a pretty cool project about micro-loans in the coming days (I hope).

In the meantime, stay connected.

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