Bat infestation under roof will give you a major case of the heebie-jeebies

(CBS) - Remember that scene in "Batman Begins" where Bruce Wayne encounters a ton of bats as a child, develops a phobia and later becomes the Batman due to his fear of them? Yeah, this video is a lot like that, but totally real.  Do not watch if you have a phobia of bats.

I seriously got goosebumps seeing that clip. The video was captured by Istueta Roofing in Miami who write:

Our crew is in for a surprise when they begin the tear off process of our clients' old roof and hundreds of bats come flying out from underneath the tiles!

And just like that, I've developed a slight fear of bats and a major mistrust of roofs. Go figure. But in all seriousness, I really do hope the little guys find a new home. So what did you think of this caught-on-tape moment? Feel free to leave me some of your thoughts and experiences below.