"Barefoot Bandit" Alleged Life on Lam in Bahamas

Colton Harris-Moore arrives barefoot, handcuffed and shackled as he is escorted by police to Nassau, Bahamas, Sunday July 11, 2010. Harris-Moore was arrested before dawn in northern Eleuthera island, according to police. Island police had been searching for the fugitive since he allegedly crash-landed a stolen plane a week ago on nearby Great Abaco Island, where he was blamed for a string of at least seven break-ins and has been running from U.S. law enforcement since escaping from a Washington state halfway house in 2008. (AP Photo/Felipe Major)
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The so-called "Barefoot Bandit" goes to court Tuesday in the Bahamas.

Authorities say 19-year-old Seattle native Colton Harris-Moore will be charged with illegal weapons possession and burglary after an alleged week on the islands at the end of a two-year run from the law covering at least eight states.

During that time, Harris-Moore attracted quite a following, including some 60,000 fans on Facebook.

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Police in the Bahamas say island residents played a big role in his capture.

CBS News National Correspondent Jeff Glor spoke with several who were directly or indirectly involved.

Glor says Harris-Moore's "wild week in Paradise" came to an end not long after taxi boat Capt. Jarrod Johnson called authorities.

He told Glor he knew who Harris-Moore was when he called in his tip.

The daring 6-foot, 5-inch thief may have been able to successfully blend in back home for two years but, says Glor, "When we retraced his steps here on the island of Eleuthra, Bahamians told us Harris-Moore stood out like a lost tourist -- though he clearly knew he was wanted.

Harris-Moore allegedly broke into at least seven homes and businesses on the islands, including the bar and restaurant where Denaldo Bain works. Among the items Bain says Harris-Moore took -- snacks and beer.

To see Glor's complete report, click on the video below:

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