Barbour: Romney's last minute visit to Pennsylvania a "logical play"

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(CBS News) As Mitt Romney heads to Pennsylvania and Ohio Tuesday, fitting in two final rallies on Election Day, former head of the Republican National Committee and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour said Romney's last minute visit is a "very logical play."

Barbour said on "CBS This Morning" that Romney should contest there because parts of northeast and southwest Pennsylvania or "very anti-Obama" because "voters see Romney as a much more pro-energy person."

Also on "CBS This Morning," former Democratic National Committee chair and Vermont Governor Howard Dean had a different take. He said Romney's chances of winning Pennsylvania are slim because he's "got a big problem" in the Philadelphia suburbs due to the Republican Party's stance on women's issues.

As for Romney's visit to Ohio Tuesday, Barbour and Dean agreed that Romney is visiting the Democratic area of Cleveland to drive down President Obama's numbers there. "They feel very good about the Republican parts of Ohio," Barbour added, referring to the Romney campaign's strategy.

As for minority voters, Dean said the Republicans are going to have "a big debate" if Romney loses and receives low support among minority voters. "[T]he Republicans are going to have to change their tact on some of those issues," Dean said. "They haven't been able to do that in this campaign and that's a big factor."

Barbour, however, disagreed. He said previous Republican presidents, including President George W. Bush and President Ronald Reagan, have done well among Hispanic voters.

As for African American voters, he said their vote is locked in for Mr. Obama. "The fact is African Americans are going to vote for the African American president."