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"Bad Girls Club" Reunion Drama

They're called "Bad Girls" for a reason.

"The Bad Girls Club," a reality series that puts women with various behavioral, personal and psychological problems in a home together to watch them interact and attempt to accomplish specific goals, completed its fourth season on the Oxygen network Tuesday night with the secobd installment of the series' two-part reunion special.

During the episode, the cast continued the "Bad Girls Club" tradition of loud arguments, physical altercations and surprising revelations.

Flo took out her anger on Natalie by throwing things and pulling out parts of her co-star's weave before storming off the set in anger. She wasn't gone for long, however, and when she sat back down reunion host, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, attempted to analyze her anger.

Hilton also called Natalie out for lying on the show - when he asked if she actually knew Chris Brown and other celebrities, as she had claimed during the show, she admitted she didn't.

Portia, who left the show in the middle of the season, also addressed the comments that led to her departure - Natalie criticizing her parenting skills.

Amber, another member of the Bad Girls house, revealed on the program that she was 18 weeks pregnant. In another surprising turn, her boyfriend proposed to her during the show.

Though Hilton played host, he wasn't spared by the girls. During her reunion rage, Flo shocked Hilton by bringing up the blogger's altercation last year with Black Eyed Peas member

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