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Baby's Size BIG Surprise

An Oklahoma woman got a big surprise when she gave birth Friday. Keyword there: big!

Adrienne Ross' newborn girl, Lillian, came into the world tipping the scales at 14 pounds, 3 ounces, nearly twice the size of the average American baby.


The Early Show co-anchor Rene Syler Friday she's "tired, really tired" because (not-so!) little Lillian is sleeping a lot, but mostly during the day, not at night.

Ross says her doctor didn't alert her to just how big her blessed event might be. "We had no clue," she told Syler.

She does say, though, that she was very anxious as she was having the Caesarean section with which Lillian was delivered.

"It was really nerve-wracking, because I had a C-section with my first one but, for some reason, this one just felt real strange. I was just extremely nervous. I didn't know why. …I guess because I knew what was going to happen this time. Last time, I didn't know. And I knew what could happen if something went wrong."

Lillian's proud father, Anthony Ross, says the doctors and nurses in the operating room "started trying to guess her weight, and were just amazed. The surgeon carried her over to the window in the door and showed everybody outside."

One problem already presenting itself? "We're already tight on clothes and diapers, because we really haven't had a chance to go and get any new ones," and the clothes they bought in advance for Lillian are all too small.