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Baby steals the show at dad's live music concert

(CBS News) Imagine this: you're headlining a New Year's Eve music concert and the show is going well, when suddenly your baby runs onto the stage and totally steals the spotlight. Do you got it? Okay, now stop imagining it and watch it actually unfold with this adorable overload video above.

I'd say he went from headliner to opening act, but with everyone winning! The cute, caught-on-tape moment took place in Iriving, TX, and was posted by musician Coffey Anderson who writes:

17 month old baby, Ethan ran out onstage when his dad, Coffey, was performing at NYE event, started dancing, and stole the show. Mom let him go and look at how he moves like a PRO. This video warms your heart and brings a smile to your face. :)
I can't agree more that Ethan has some talented moves at such a very young age. A big triple-rainbow salute of candidly cute goes out to Coffey and Ethan for putting on a show that definitely made all of us here at The Feed smile! And to check out more music from Coffey Anderson, be sure to visit his YouTube page by clicking here.
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