Babies Are Like Us

Before there are words there are tears. Your baby has something to tell you, but what? Given that she can't speak, you've got to use your intuition. Don't panic. Remember, babies are people too. Jessica Hartshorn, Senior Lifestyle Editor for American Baby gives advice on how to figure out what your baby wants.

Babies are sensitive to other people's moods. They pick up on stress and will get upset if you are upset. So take a five minute breather if you need to keep your baby calm.

Just like most of us, babies want to be naturals at everything. You'd love to be good at everything without working hard at it and so does your baby. Don't push though. Give him time to try, then let him off the hook. He'll get it with practice.

Babies get bored too. How long could you sit in a swing, staring at the same wall? Switch it up if your baby has been in the same spot for 20 minutes. Look at a book. Make faces. Change is good, even for a baby.

Babies love music, but the right soundtrack is key. For babies, soft sounds cue bedtime, but don't limit your playlist to lullabies. Try songs by The Cure and U2 during car trips to keep your baby calm. If he's cranky, try Lady Gaga and some dancing.

Babies get itchy. So, the hand knit cap may look cute, but if a hat scratches your ears wouldn't you want to scream?

Your little one will get a snack attack. If 4pm vending machine runs sound familiar, a bottle to tide over your fussy, hungry baby is a good idea too.

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Jessica Hartshorn & Erika Wortham