B-School Blogs: MBA Game Theory, Procrastination, and Shoring Up Your Networking Karma

Anand (Darden) confesses to enjoying this unique stage in life, a.k.a. business school, when spending a significant portion of time playing video games is possible, despite being considered a less-than-valuable activity by greater society. In this post, he delves into real game theory and how the elements of strategy and execution apply equally well to the MBA program.

N.A.S. raves that attending the Indo-German Business Forum in Dusseldorf last week was the most fun he's had since starting at London Business School. The cross-cultural experience included a false fire alarm, Jack Daniels-marinated merriment, and fantastic keynote speakers that included Walter Bender from the MIT Media Lab, Amit Mehra from Reuter's Market Light and Madhav Chavan, the founder of Pratham.

Reflections at LBS wonders whether an MBA is an expensive lesson in time management, and offers ramblings on alumni. "For those who would call me a skeptic," he says, "I am neither casting doubt on the value of an MBA nor am I poo-pooing it in comparison to a medical or law degree. I mean come on, don't we have more than enough lawyers already in the world?"

To MBA or Not to MBA (Chicago Booth) has logged many a post this quarter devoted to ranting about the economic crisis and a lack of faith in her chosen career. She lets us in on what else she's doing when not griping with a recap of some of the more enjoyable (or at least non-academic/recruiting) moments of the fall quarter.

The Socialist Capitalist (Rotman School of Management) has been procrastinating, as anyone working full time while in a full-time program is wont to do. In addition to sharing highlights from this term, he shares an important lesson in these trying times: Your bonus is your job. Though he'd like to claim it was foresight that guided his decision to keep working during the MBA, in reality, it was avoidance of a massive financial anxiety attack.

Run Forrest, Run (Chicago Booth) takes a look at the economic downturn... as seen through the recruiting lens. Even though dismal recruiting stories are the order of the day at consulting firms, big pharma and tech companies, he remains optimistic that he and his peers can fight their way through the process toward something they enjoy.

The Naked MBA espouses the importance of shoring up your networking karma and shares a Chinese proverb: "A wise man is one who knows everything, but a smart man is one who knows everyone." But that's only part of the equation, she says. Networking is quid pro quo; it's how you connect with them that really matters. Out of b-school for almost three years now, she should know.