AWOL Soldier Jeff Hanks "Looking Up" After Treatment

Army Spc. Jeff Hanks says he was absent without leave from the military because he couldn't get treatment for mental health issues. CBS

On Tuesday, Army Spc. Jeff Hanks told CBS News that treatment for his PTSD-like symptoms was "looking up" - just one day after "hitting a wall" during a frustrating 10-minute meeting with a behavioral mental health counselor at Fort Campbell in Kentucky.

The Army's apparent change in attitude comes on the heels ofa story I wrote yesterday about Hanks' treatment problems.

Today, Hanks said he would be receiving help through what he called a "military one-source" program. Treatment will take place off base and be covered by his insurance.

"Everything is looking up today," Hanks said. "I'm really excited about this treatment. I just want to feel better."

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