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Awesome dad builds his kids a homemade hovercraft, this week on The Feed!

This week's most popular viral videos include a Star Wars medley played by identical twins with electric harps, an infrared F1 burnout, a homemade hovercraft, a wingsuit flight over the Alps, a fireworks safety suit and an otter that eats like a human.

First up, identical twins Camille and Kennerly strike some interesting poses, give some interesting looks and wear some interesting outfits as they play a Star Wars medley on their electric harps.

FLIR Thermography teamed up with Red Bull to create this visually stunning infrared footage of a Formula 1 car burning out at Gamma Racing Day 2014.

Creative father videopapa built his kids a homemade hovercraft out of some polystyrene insulation board, a powerful hand vacuum and some string to steer it.

Scotty Bob shot this high-energy thrill ride while soaring in a wingsuit over the Alps.

Self-described garage inventor colinfurze creates all sorts of crazy stuff. For his latest trick, he made this safety suit by hydroforming steel with a pressure washer -- all so he could make himself the centerpiece in a fireworks display.

And, apparently, otters can be kept as household pets. In fact, as this video from mixjam11 shows, they can sit up at the kitchen table and eat like humans.

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