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Avoid Excess Luggage Fees on Your Next Flight

Any frequent traveler can tell you that airlines have gotten significantly more restrictive when it comes to weighing checked baggage in recent years. There was a time when I could drag a scuba bag complete with a pocketful of lead weights on a flight just in case I could take a day off from a conference to go diving.

These days, you sometimes have to pay a fee just to check even one bag. And the rules vary depending upon the airline, the route, and even the section of the plane you're in. How can you possibly keep track of the rules and avoid getting hit with baggage fees?

One way: Visit LuggageLimits, where you can find out exactly what the baggage rules are foir your specific flight accommodations.

Just enter your airline, departure and destination, and ticket class. You'll get all the details, such as general baggage information, rules about checked bags, carry-on allowance, and baggage size and weight limits. It's all very thorough, easy to read, and free. You don't even need to long in or register to use the service.

And while you're getting ready for your trip, don't forget to plan ahead to avoid these hi-tech travel mistakes.