Auto-Tuning the News

The Gregory Brothers Auto-Tune the news.
Britney Spears has been accused of using it, and so has country singer Kenny Chesney.

In fact listen to just about any pop song these days, and more than likely, it's been auto-tuned.

"There are singers who admit to using it live, there are people who clearly use it on their records, and then there are people who don't talk about it," said Joe Levy, Editor-in-Chief of Maxim.

Autotune is a computer program that can perfect your pitch and finesse any off-notes: a kind of "photoshop" for the voice as CBS News Correspondent Nancy Cordes reports.

Cher was one of the first to use auto-tune. It gave her 1998 hit "Believe" that digitally enhanced warble. But today critics complain that the overuse of auto-tune is homogenizing music.

Auto-tune is so effective it can turn even a mediocre singer into a virtuoso.

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You don't even have to be a singer at all - three brothers in Brooklynhave become internet sensations by setting newsmakers to music.

They call it "auto tune the news."

First they use the computer program to turn speeches into song, then they serve as backup singers to a host of unsuspecting lead vocalists.

"Joe Biden is a very forceful speaker and that translates, he's a very forceful singer" said Micheal Gregory.

Singers themselves, the Gregory brothers along with sister-in-law Sarah say they prefer not to auto tune their own music.

"I like being different so I don't mind when you know, there are mess-ups and some off notes," Sarah Gregory said.

That makes her a rarity now that perfection is possible with the push of a button.

To watch the video featuring Katie Couric and Maggie Rodriguez, click on the video below:

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