1 dead, 3 injured after stabbings in Austin, Texas

1 dead, 2 injured after stabbings in Texas

Austin — A deadly attack in Austin, Texas, started at a coffee shop, moved to another restaurant and ended with the suspect jumping off a roof. The 27-year-old suspect's violent rampage started just before 8 a.m. inside Bennu Coffee near downtown. One person was killed and three others were injured.

Witness Stacy Romine said the suspect, whose name hasn't been released, randomly assaulted a man sitting at a table of regulars. "I don't even know what this guy was thinking, what his reason was, there was no altercation, he just came up and hit this man in the head," Romine said.

Police were called and customers tried to stop the suspect from fleeing but he got away. With officers in pursuit, he ran into a neighboring burrito restaurant. Austin Police Sergeant David Daniels said that's where the suspect's attack turned deadly.

"Once they got inside they were able to locate two victims that had been stabbed. I can confirm one of those victims is deceased," Daniels said.

The deceased victim, a man in his 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene. The other victim sustained serious, life-threatening injuries. 

The suspect eventually climbed to the roof of a shopping plaza and jumped off. He's in the hospital and in critical condition.