Auction of Jesse Jackson Jr. memorabilia canceled

The U.S. Marshals Service canceled an auction of memorabilia belonging to disgraced former Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr., D-Ill., after it was discovered that one item might be fraudulent.

"After receiving legitimate concerns about the authenticity of the guitar purportedly signed by Michael Jackson and Eddie Van Halen and out of an abundance of caution, the Marshals Service will conduct a secondary review of all the assets," the Marshals Service said in a press release Friday. "Once the review is complete, a decision will be made whether to repost any assets for sale by auction."

In addition to the guitar, other Michael Jackson memorabilia and multiple fur coats were among a dozen items being auctioned off to help pay off a $750,000 money judgment against Jackson.

The auction featured items with starting prices ranging from $115 for a "lady's brown cashmere cape with brown mink double edge trim" to a $250 for a "double framed and matted 'Bruce Lee' autographed 8x10 color photo from 'Fist of Fury.'" The auction, which began Tuesday, was scheduled to end Sept. 26.

Jackson, Jr., who pleaded guilty in February for using his campaign funds for extravagant personal expenses like Rolex watches and pricey coats for himself and his wife, surrendered the items for contribution toward his judgment.

On top of the money judgment, equal to the $750,000 he was charged with stealing from his campaign funds, Jackson, Jr., has been ordered to serve 30 months in prison, spend two years on supervised release and serve 500 hours of community service. His wife Sandra Jackson, a former Chicago alderman, will serve one year in jail after pleading guilty to a tax charge related to the campaign funds abuse.

"I still believe in the power of forgiveness," Jackson, Jr., tearfully said last month following his sentencing hearing. "I believe in the power of redemption. Today, I manned up and tried to accept personal responsibility for the errors of my ways, and I still believe in resurrection."