At 50, Fountain Of Youth Still Flows

Step aside twenty-somethings, this is the year of the fifty-somethings.

Executive editor of People Magazine and Early Show correspondent Jess Cagle sat down with Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen to get the scoop on who's fifty and fabulous.

Madonna turned 50 on Aug. 16 and didn't celebrate quietly.

"That's right. She went out and celebrated at a club. The next day, just a few hours later she was at the gym. Lots of stamina still," Cagle said.

Known for her endurance on stage with her lean physique and chameleon-like reinventions, Madonna has really put 50 on everyone's radar.

"She's doing phemomenally well. There's a lot of she's 50 and the albums aren't selling as well and the concerts. But everything is going fine for Madonna. She starts her tour this month. She signed a huge deal, $120 million with Live Nation just last year. This single ("Four Minutes" with Justin Timberlake) actually broke Elvis's record for the most top ten singles. So she's still riding high."

No stranger to controversy, Madonna was recently thrust in the spotlight yet again regarding an alleged affair with Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees.

But the music icon hasn't lost her star power whatsoever.

"I don't think it (the A- Rod rumors) was fun for her to go through, but I think that it was just another sex scandal with Madonna. How fun it is to read about Madonna again?"

Then there's dancing daytime TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who got married over the weekend to actress Portia de Rossi and celebrated her 50th in January with a big party.

"She's doing great right now," Cagle said.

Although DeGeneres has kept her wedding under raps, Chen suspected that People Magazine was going to get the exclusive rights to their pictures.

"The reality is Ellen did not sell her wedding photos at all," Cagle said. "However, I'm hoping she will release some this week and I'm hoping we will have some for you."

Michelle Pfeiffer also turned 50 this year, on April 29.

Pfeiffer, who looked fabulous in "Hairspray" last year has kept her youthful glow.

"It's amazing. Out of all these women, nobody has changed less than her in the last few years," Cagle said.

"She came back last year in 'Hairspray.' It was a huge hit for her. She has two teenagers. I think as they get older she is going to be working more," Cagle said.

Angela Bassett is also making the nifty at 50 list.

"Angela Bassett is also doing amazingly well. I still think she is one of the great untapped resources of talent in Hollywood. There she is in 'What's Love Got To Do With It.' She was all ripped and shredded as Tina Turner," Cagel said.

Bassett recently appeared in "Meet The Browns."

"She's always doing interesting work. I really hope to see her doing more. She does have 2-year-old twins at home. It's going to be interesting to see how much work she does the next few years," he said.

This stellar group of youthful women isn't showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon.