Astronauts The Talk Of Late Night TV

Jimmy Kimmel, Craig Ferguson and David Letterman
The story of the alleged NASA love triangle is a gem for late night comics. Just like people everywhere, they can't stop talking about the peculiar details of the case, like diapers, pepper spray and astronauts.

Lisa Nowak, who is accused of trying to kidnap a romantic rival for a space shuttle pilot's affections, drove 900 miles in a diaper to confront her rival, police said. She was later charged with attempted first-degree murder.

In honor of the nutty astronaut news, Conan O'Brien's bandleader wore a diaper and danced wildly in a segment called "Diapertime."

Photos: David Letterman
In his monologue O'Brien quipped, "Nowak was charged with attempted kidnapping and possession of a loaded diaper."

"The Daily Show" featured a segment that showed a NASA control room counting down for "Drive Off" of the 2003 Ford Mustang, on a mission to "pepper spray the romantic the rival of its driver." In the hilarious spot, NASA colleagues are seen clapping and hugging.

Craig Ferguson took a dry approach to the bizarre circumstances of the story. "Oh, come on, who hasn't done that?" the "Late, Late Show" host said.

Jimmy Kimmel joked that Nowak sounds like his kind of woman. "A woman who's willing to wear a diaper so I don't have to pull over in the car? I would marry that woman. That to me is a keeper," he said.

Jay Leno concurred. "Let me tell you something ladies, nothing turns a man on more than a woman with a full diaper. Yeah!" he said on "The Tonight Show."

David Letterman related the off the wall story to a couple of celebrities. "When they apprehended her, she was wearing a wig, and an adult diaper. And there was a lot of confusion because originally authorities thought she was Elton John," Letterman said.
"She drove 900 miles in a diaper," Letterman continued. "Britney Spears can't even make it around the block in her underpants."

He also devoted his "Top Ten" list Feb. 6 to the out of this world story. It was called "Top Ten Signs An Astronaut Is Trying To Kill You." The full list is below:

10. Says, "This is a giant leap for mankind" as she tosses you off a bridge

9. You turn on CNN and see the Hubble Telescope focusing on your house

8. She promises to "Take you out like Pluto"

7. It sounds crazy, but you could swear Mars is following you

6. You were on the "Maury" episode: "I Had A Booty Call And Now An Astronaut Is Trying To Kill Me"

5. Her previous attempts to kill you have been postponed due to high winds

4. She poisons your Tang

3.Says she looks forward to being the first to walk on your lifeless corpse

2. Been getting threatening emails from

1.She keeps stabbing you with a pen that writes upside down