Ask The Experts: Deficit Cutting and Your Money Questions

Last Updated Nov 12, 2010 4:05 PM EST

It was old home week on "Ask The Experts" -- the MoneyWatch "Dream Team," (aka Jack, Jill and Eric) were in the house talking about the Deficit Panel proposals, refinancing and fielding your money questions! My favorite moment came at around 22:00, when I call one of our valued fans a "knucklehead"...I said it with love, though!
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    Jill Schlesinger, CFP®, is the Emmy-nominated, Business Analyst for CBS News. She covers the economy, markets, investing and anything else with a dollar sign on TV, radio (including her nationally syndicated radio show), the web and her blog, "Jill on Money." Prior to her second career at CBS, Jill spent 14 years as the co-owner and Chief Investment Officer for an independent investment advisory firm. She began her career as a self-employed options trader on the Commodities Exchange of New York, following her graduation from Brown University.