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Ashton Kutcher Gets "Killer" Role

This time, he's punk'd. In his new movie "Killers" 32-year-old Ashton Kutcher, known best for his antics on the MTV's "Punk'd," plays a hit man-turned-devoted husband until one day everyone he knows starts trying to kill him. Kutcher stars opposite Katherine Heigl. In the film Heigl's character, Jen, learns her husband is a former spy.

Kutcher joked to "Early Show" co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez, "Yeah, it's a really relatable movie. Most people have a connection of somebody who kills people for a living."

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Kutcher's character Spencer tries to get out of the spying when he meets Heigl's character, but he can't quite shake the business.

But Kutcher says the movie is more about relationships than killing. He says there are some things in a relationship that your partner just shouldn't know.

"Like what?" Rodriguez asked.

He replied, "Like if you're a killer."

So does Kutcher lie in his real-life relationship with superstar wife, Demi Moore?

He replied, "Lie, no. Omit, occasionally, it doesn't hurt."

So what drew Kutcher to the role?

He says his character's longing for a normal life was his "access point."

The star said sometimes he just wants to do things that are normal.

"Sometimes I just want to go fishing," he said. "Sometimes I just want to go for a walk down the street and get a coffee."

But Kutcher does do some normal things. He interacts on Facebook and Twitter regularly. The difference? His audience isn't a couple hundred friends -- it's more like eight million!

"I really see it as like it's a great place to do good things in the world. I sort of have a mantra that I stole from the guy who runs Zappos. He said every has to be 'icee.' It stands for inspiring, connective, entertaining or education. And so I'm sort of putting that out in the world, and then people sort of put that back into you. And then you get a certain help amplify their messages."

Kutcher mentioned a competition for the movie that will permit one person to tweet anything they want - within reason - from his Twitter page.

He explained, "So all they have to do is find -- the movie trailers online and if they can find the one that has me at the end of it, telling them that they win, and then they put the code into my Facebook page, then I'll send out a message whatever they want."

"Killers" will be in theaters nationwide on June 4.

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