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Aruban prosecutors: Detained US man had travel insurance policy on missing companion Robyn Gardner

Robyn Gardner's travel companion cooperated with police, should be released, says lawyer
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(CBS/AP) ORANJESTAD, Aruba - An Aruban prosecutor says a Maryland tourist, Gary Giordano, had a travel insurance policy that covered his companion, Robyn Gardner, who has apparently been missing on the island for more than two weeks.

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Solicitor General Taco Stein tells the Associated Press that prosecutors are still studying the policy and do not yet know if it has any relevance to their investigation into the presumed death of the 35-year-old Gardner, of Frederick, Md.

Stein says that the 50-year-old Giordano confirmed to investigators that he had travel insurance. Stein says the policy covered both travelers, but that it wasn't clear whether it covered Gardner's accidental death. Nor was it clear who was the beneficiary.

Giordano remained jailed Wednesday . A judge ruled Monday that there is enough evidence to hold him for at least 16 more days on suspicion of involvement in Gardner's presumed death.

Michael Lopez, Giordano's Aruban lawyer, said the two Americans had been in Aruba a couple of days when they decided to go snorkeling on Aug. 2 near an area known as Baby Beach. He said the pair eventually realized they were being pulled out to sea by the current and Giordano tapped on Gardner's leg to signal that they should swim back. When he got to shore, Lopez says Giordano noticed she wasn't with him and ran to get help after looking for her in the water.

Aruban authorities plan an extensive search involving police, firefighters and possibly the military as investigators try to determine what happened to Gardner.

The search is expected to start later this week and would be centered around the southern part of the Dutch Caribbean island near where Gardner was reported missing. Police and firefighters have searched an abandoned phosphate mine in the area but did not find any trace of her.

Anyone with information leading about Robyn Gardner's location, please contact the Aruban authorities at 011-297-597-5201.

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