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Aruba launches new search for missing woman Robyn Gardner

Robyn Gardner's travel companion cooperated with police, should be released, says lawyer
Robyn Gardner Personal Photo

(CBS/AP) ORANJESTAD, Aruba - Aruban authorities have launched a new search for the remains of a missing Maryland woman Robyn Gardner or evidence against her detained travel companion Gary Giordano.

Pictures: Robyn Gardner

Search teams have started fanning out in the northeast of the Dutch Caribbean island. Previous efforts had focused in the south, near where Maryland businessman Gary Giordano says Gardner disappeared while snorkeling.

NBC News has reported that a witness has come forward with a story wthat could unravel Giordano's claims. A fisherman reportedly saw Girodano and Garnder leaving a beach together and said they did not even get into the water.

It is not clear if Aruban authorities will search other parts of the island Monday. Solicitor General Taco Stein said earlier authorities hope to find Gardner's body or evidence to help build a case against Giordano.

Giordano has been detained on suspicion of involvement in the presumed death of Gardner. Authorities confiscated Giordano's camera and declined to specify what was in the photos on the camera except that they are "explicit."

As stated by Stein, the 50-year-old Giordano is partially visible in some of the pictures which seem to be taken in Aruba.

The new information about the photos came after it was previously revealed that Giordano had tried to redeem a $1.5 million insurance policy on Gardner shortly after she disappeared, according to an Associated Press source. The source also told the AP that Giordano purchased the accidental-death policy shortly before traveling to Aruba with Gardner. The policy only covered the trip to Aruba.

Giordano has denied wrongdoing.

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