Aruba Abduction Suspects Lost Jobs

Civilians search in coordination with Dutch marines search for Natalee Holloway, 18, an Alabama high school graduate who disappeared while she was on a five-day graduation trip to Aruba, along the southeastern shore of Aruba in Seroe Colorado, Monday June 6, 2005.
Two men implicated in Natalee Holloway's disappearance lost their jobs as security guards at a hotel near the one in which the Alabama teenager was staying the day before she vanished, a police officer said Tuesday.

Police and FBI agents continued to comb the island and volunteers distributed fliers on the missing girl Tuesday, one day after a massive effort by volunteers on the southeastern tip of the island failed to yield any leads.

The suspects lost their jobs when their company's contract expired with the hotel, which was closed for renovation, on May 29, the day before the 18-year-old honor student disappeared during a senior class trip to the Dutch Caribbean island, the police officer told The Associated Press.

The men — ages 28 and 30 — will appear before a judge Wednesday to determine whether their detention is legitimate, Attorney General Caren Janssen said. The hearing will be closed to the public, she said.

With the search unsuccessful after more than a week, authorities have not ruled out any possibilities, including accidental death, Janssen said.

About 700 volunteers joined police, soldiers and FBI agents on Monday, combing scrubland and beaches on Aruba's southeastern tip in an unprecedented search for Holloway. Aruba's government had let 4,000 civil servants off work early.

Search parties found numerous items including T-shirts and sunglasses, but none had been tied to the missing teenager, authorities said.

Alabama native Patrick Murphy flew to Aruba from his home in Grand Cayman.

"It all came down to a person from my hometown and a mother pleading for help," Murphy told CBS News Correspondent Kelly Cobiella. "I mean, who wouldn't come?"