Artist creates complete Iron Man suit out of balloons

(CBS News) Color me red and yellow impressed. This is one of the coolest balloon tricks I have ever seen. Move over balloon giraffes, hats and swords, because we've got a superhero in the house. In celebration of the digital release of "Iron Man 3," blinkbox hired Ohio balloon artist Jeff Wright of Wright Entertainment to create a full Iron Man suit using 500 balloons. And man, does he get the job done. Check out the video above to see how he did it.

In the end, he only used 364 balloons, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The balloons are so carefully and intricately intertwined, that he was able to recreate the legendary red and yellow suit flawlessly and with incredible detail. And while it took Wright nearly 10 hours to complete (10 hours!), thanks to some sped-up camera technology, we get to see the hard work and end result in under a minute and a half. All we have to say, Jeff, is please stay away from sharp objects, pins are not your friends.