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Arnold Schwarzenegger set to star in Western

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Nov. 2, 2010, in Los Angeles. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

(CBS) Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who put his Hollywood comeback on hold in the spring to deal with his divorce amid a messy sex scandal, is ready to get back in front of the camera as the lead in a Western movie called "The Last Stand."'

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The Los Angeles Times reports a deal was finalized days ago for the  60-year-old action hero to star in South Korean director Kim-ji-Woon's first English language film. A report by Reuters quotes industry sources saying filming could begin as early as September.

The movie revolves around a standoff between an aging sheriff and the leader of a drug cartel.

Schwarzenegger was on the brink of reviving the movie career he gave up for politics when reports surfaced in May about a teenaged child he fathered with his family's housekeeper. His wife, Maria Shriver, left him and later filed papers to end their 25-year marriage. They have four children together.