Arnold Schwarzenegger goes undercover at Gold's Gym, this week on The Feed

  This week's most popular viral videos feature an undercover Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Royal Thai Navy, a stunning BMX trick and a confused cat.

First up, YouTube user J. McDaniel captured great video of a praying mantis distracted by road traffic.


In the next clip posted by Nitro Circus, Ryan Williams - one of the world's best scooter riders – hops on a BMX bike to perform the first ever front flip, forward bike flip.

Then, the Royal Thai Navy performs some crazy, creative and coordinated moves during the Armed Forces Day Parade in Thailand.

Arnold Schwarzenegger decided that he wanted to raise money for the After-Schools All-Stars program, so he went undercover at Gold's Gym in Venice, Calif.


Rounding out the week's viral videos -- cats! This clip posted by Pomona2006 shows a cat named Priya, playing with kittens on a computer screen that she thinks are real. Watch her adorable reaction when the screen goes blank.


And, last but not least, another cat video courtesy of animalmanification, featuring some of the weirdest "walking" ever.


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