Armstrong's Health Site LiveStrong Enters Crowded Field

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Lance Armstrong's commercial health and wellness effort is seeing the light of the day, today: is being launched today in conjunction with Demand Media, which is providing the technology and operational support for the site. As part of the partnership deal announced earlier this year, Armstrong and his Lance Armstrong Foundation took a "significant" equity stake in Demand Media, though the size of the stake was not disclosed. The company told us then that Demand would invest upwards of $20 million in building out LiveStrong...the deal is a four-year exclusive deal and Demand has perpetual license to the domain name.

The commercial site, a spinoff from Lance's non-profit site, has daily tips, info and community features built around health, fitness and lifestyle. The structure is partly based on, a food and fitness site already owned by Demand Media, according to LAT. The site has a library of 600,000 pages of content with 15,000 articles and videos, 350,000 nutritional food profiles and 50,000 health and fitness-related questions and answers.

By Rafat Ali