Tornado survivor reunites with 4-year-old neighbor he rescued

Tornado survivor Nick Naylor found his 4-year-old neighbor, Grace, more than 100 feet from her home in the aftermath of Sunday's storm in Mayflower, Ark. He stayed with her to comfort her until paramedics could arrive and take her to the hospital.

CBS News was there when the two met for the first time since the storm hit. Grace and Naylor had not seen each other since the night the tornado struck their town.

After the tornado hit, Naylor joined first responders and began searching for his neighbors. He stumbled upon 4-year-old Grace and carried her to safety.

Naylor said, "All's I could do was just let her know that she was going to be OK, that she was going to be safe and God was with her, and she's strong, she's tough and she pulled through this."

Grace has no memory of the storm.

Naylor told CBS News he will never forget the frightened look on her face. He said, "I thank God every day for what he did and how he got me there as quick as he did so she didn't have to be by herself."

At least three people were killed in Mayflower. Many others were injured, including Grace's parents. The 4-year-old suffered a broken leg, bruised liver and lung.

Naylor said, "Materialistic things can be replaced. Lives can't. And to have her here with me, even though she don't have nothing left, she's still got her life, she's still got her family, and she's still got her people that love her."

Though the road ahead will be difficult, Grace is expected to make a full recovery.

Naylor said, "She represents all of Mayflower to prove that, you know, don't give up. You're 4 years old, and she just went through this. There's nothing that we can't go through. For what she's went through, there's nothing that we can't go through."

Grace's parents are still in the hospital. In the meantime, she will be with her grandmother as she begins her recovery. Naylor said he plans to be right by her side.