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Ark. man found dead in empty hot tub "easily influenced," family says

Brett Cummins

(CBS/AP) LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - The family of 24-year-old Dexter Williams, whose naked body was found in an unfilled hot tub with Arkansas TV meteorologist Brett Cummins asleep beside him, described Williams as someone who was "easily influenced."

"Dex had a very loving but trusting heart," the family members said in a statement released by their attorney, Randy Hall. "Anyone who knew him would agree that he was easily influenced."

Police have not yet released the preliminary results from Williams' autopsy.

Authorities have said Christopher Barbour found Cummins and the body of Williams in an unfilled hot tub on Monday. Williams was wearing a chain around his neck that looked like a dog collar and police found blood, but no water, in the tub.

Police have interviewed Cummins, a meteorologist with KARK-TV, along with Barbour, who lives at the home where the two were.

No charges have been filed and Cummins has been cooperative with authorities who are investigating the case, according to police.

"It's a rough time," Cummins told The Associated Press on Thursday evening before referring all further comment to his attorney, Mark Hampton.

A police report said Barbour allegedly invited his friend Cummins over on Sunday night. Cummins showed up with Williams and they started drinking and doing drugs, Barbour told authorities.

At some point, the three men got into a hot tub and continued drinking, according to a report. Barbour later went to sleep on his couch and woke up Monday morning to Cummins snoring.

He then walked into the bathroom and found Cummins next to Williams in the tub.

When Cummins awoke and found Williams unconscious, with his face discolored, Cummins screamed and became sick to his stomach, Barbour told police.

Cummins left the home, but later returned and spoke with authorities, according to the report.

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September 7, 2011 - Ark. man Dexter Williams found dead in empty hot tub with local TV meteorologist Brett Cummins

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