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Ariel Castro's personnel file: Fired after several infractions

Ariel Castro, the man charged in the kidnapping and rape of three Cleveland women who were discovered inside his home Monday, had a history of repeated violations as a school bus driver, including an incident last year involving an unattended bus that resulted in his firing.

CBS News has obtained Castro's Cleveland School District discipline and personnel files. In a letter dated October 9, 2012, Ann Carlson, transportation director for the school district, and who recommended his termination, cited several past incidents committed by Castro. He was previously "suspended 60 days for leaving a child on a bus" in 2004; "60 days for making an illegal U-turn in rush hour traffic with a bus load of students" in 2009; and for using the school bus to do his grocery shopping" in 2011.

The leaving the child on a bus incident in 2004 was investigated by the Cuyahoga County Department of Children and Family Services. The complaint of child abuse and neglect was found by the department to be "unsubstantiated."

Most recently, Castro was fired last November after an incident for leaving a school bus unattended at Scranton School in September. According to Carlson, Castro claimed "his preschool route was cancelled on that day, and because he was two blocks away, he went home." In a written response from an incident report, Castro said: "Scranton is my school so I didn't think anything with parking there. I do apologize."

According to his personnel file, Castro had been employed by the school district since February 1991.

Castro also reportedly had a history of domestic violence. Court documents obtained by CBS News show a history of domestic abuse by Ariel Castro against the mother of his children, Grimilda Figueroa, who told police that Castro had, ""broken petitioner's nose (twice), ribs, lacerations, knocked out tooth, blood clot on brain, (inoperable tumor), dislocated shoulder, (twice, once on each side) threatened to kill petitioner and daughters 3 to 4 times just this year."

The domestic violence protection order, filed on August 29, 2005, alleged that though Figueroa had full custody of their children, Castro, "frequently abducts daughters and keeps them from mother/petitioner/ legal custodian."

Figueroa had at least three children with Castro, Ariel (who goes by Anthony), Angie and Emily Castro, according to the court documents.

The civil petition was to ensure Castro stayed away from Figueroa and her children for five years, but Figueroa never went through with the hearing.

Castro is accused of keeping Amanda Berry, 27, Michelle Knight, 32, and Gina DeJesus, 23, in the house during their entire captivity, where they were confined to the basement or the bedroom much of the time.

Castro allegedly kept them chained and tied up.

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