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Are gold bars and coins still worth investing in as the price rises?

As the price of gold rises, many may be wondering if gold bars and coins are still worth investing in. Jesus Ayala Photography/Getty Images

The price of gold continues to rise, hitting yet another record this week at $2,439.98 per ounce.

It's been difficult to keep track of all of the price records the precious metal has surpassed already this year after starting at just $2,063.73 per ounce on January 1. While a rising price will benefit those who have already invested, no matter the type, prospective investors may be wondering about the advantages of getting started now. This particularly applies to those considering a physical gold investment like bars and coins. A rising cost could feel prohibitive but, upon closer inspection, it may still be worth investing in now. Below, we'll break down why.

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Are gold bars and coins still worth investing in as the price rises?

Here are four reasons why gold bars and coins can still be worth investing in even as the price rises.

The price may rise even further

Sure, today's gold price may seem exorbitant, but there's a high likelihood that it will rise even further, and could hit as much as $3,000 per ounce. So, it makes sense to invest now before the price becomes out of reach. 

By getting started with gold bars and coins now, you may be able to turn a quick profit by selling later this year. Or you can get in early and hold it to make even more money with your investment in the future. Just don't wait or you could get priced out of the market altogether.

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The protection it offers is still valuable

Despite the price volatility as of late, gold is still an effective investment thanks to the hedge it can provide against inflation (by maintaining or rising in value) and the diversification it can offer your portfolio (by buffering other, less steady asset performance). And both of those benefits are still valuable right now, even with gold's price high. And they're unlikely to change anytime soon. It makes sense, then, to add both to your portfolio sooner than later.

They're easy to sell

Some investments may not be easy to buy, sell and buy more of. But gold bars and coins don't have those same restrictions, particularly at today's elevated price. With the price rising, there's an obvious demand for the scarce, precious metal. So if you ultimately decide that gold bars and coins aren't the right investment for you, you should have little trouble selling them, likely at a substantial profit if the upward price trajectory continues unabated.

They're easy to find

With some investments, you may need to do extra research or even add a financial advisor to the mix to better guide you. But gold bars and coins won't require that much involvement as they're easy to find and buy right now. Whether you want to use a top gold investing company online or just head down to Costco or Walmart, right now gold bars and coins are seemingly everywhere. But with the price as hot as it is now, they may not be available for long (Costco quickly sold out last year). Prospective investors, then, may want to be proactive.

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The bottom line

A rising gold price can be intimidating, especially for physical gold investments. But it doesn't need to be. There are still compelling reasons to choose this type of gold investment now. Considering that the price could rise even higher, the protection is still valuable and that gold bars and coins are both easy to sell and easy to find, many may want to invest in this form of gold today. Just be sure to weigh the benefits against your larger financial goals and avoid the temptation to overinvest as many experts recommend limiting your gold portion to 10% or less of your overall portfolio

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