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AQIM Release New Ambush Video

(Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb )
Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) released a video showing a group of militants ambushing a police pickup truck in Theniet el Hda south western the capital Algiers.

The 12-minute is part of a series entitled "Shadows of the Swords." It opens with pictures of a small boy identified as Mujahid Muadh, "the son of an AQIM martyr who was born and raised in the wild."

The video then shows a police pickup truck being ambushed by the militants, who are seen spraying the vehicle with bullets and killing the driver, which causes the vehicle to swerve off the road before coming to a halt.

More bullets were fired at the vehicle and the men sitting inside it before the militants began pulling the bodies of six policemen out of the vehicle. The militants are seen stripping them of their uniforms, belts, boots, and taking their weapons, ID cards. They then set the truck alight and disappear in the mountains.

The video then closes with pictures taken from the top of the mountain, showing an army of Algerian police that arrived to inspect the site after it's been reported.

The tape was produced in May 2009, according to the group, but an attack matching that in this tape was reported in the Algerian press on October 5th 2008.