Apple will start letting you trade in a broken iPhone

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

If you've dropped and cracked your iPhone and are looking to exchange it for a newer model, you will probably like the latest retail initiatives from Apple. The company is reportedly launching a more generous iPhone trade-in program at Apple Stores, as well as in-store installations of iPhone screen protectors, the tech site 9to5Mac reports.

Right now, the company's Reuse and Recycle iPhone trade-in program gives customers the chance to trade in older phones for credit toward buying a newer iPhone model. The catch? If these older phones have cracked displays or broken cameras or buttons, they aren't eligible to receive credit. With the new policy, credit will be given for iPhone 5s, 6, and 6 Plus phones that are damaged within reason. The main objective of this, of course, is to encourage phone upgrades rather than just getting a screen repair.

Sources told 9to5 Mac that the current trade-in prices for this new program would be $50 for an iPhone 5s, $200 for a 6, and $250 for a 6 Plus.

Beyond the trade-in program, Apple Stores will start installing plastic iPhone screen protectors over the course of the next few weeks. Right now, this is rolling out in a few select stores starting Friday.

Why wasn't this offered in stores before? Apple Stores were instructed to avoid screen installations over concerns that putting third-party products on iPhones might result in error. For this new program, if the machine install results in error, Apple will give customers free protector replacements and try the installation again.

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